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 Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Water Block   
"Got the new water block for my 8800GTX and it got the temps down about 20C but it made my CPU temps go up about 5C im guessing this is normal but im going to look for some higher CMF fans for the radiator.  If I can suck in more cooler air i should be able to keep the temps down over all the parts."

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 Monday, June 18, 2007

Computer Mods   

Did some case modifications last night. The NB/SB temps were sitting way too hot they only have some heat tubing and some heat sinks to cool them down. Nothing was dissipating the heat from the tubes/fins so i added a side panel opening for a 90mm fan. Used my new Dremmel toy and low and behold it worked! My temps dropped about 20C just from adding some cool air over the top of them.Tonight�s work will be my 8800GTX water block i got. I will have to remove all the casing on the behemoth and add the water block to it. "

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